What’s on your company’s dashboard?

Years of experience has taught us that each business utilizes some sort of a dashboard. It may look like a piece of paper they hand out in a meeting, it may be a marker board that is up on the wall in their manufacturing facility or there are some who may have it as a digital tool. Every industry tends to have different items on their dashboard. For example, in Social Work or any industry dealing with people, it is usually the caseload. For manufacturers and distribution it is often orders that need to be fulfilled or perhaps orders that have been shipped. Regardless of industry, the common thread remains, dashboards are a valuable resource to companies.

Here at Switchbox we have been working on dashboards for years for various businesses and organizations. While dashboards have proven to be a viable resource to a business, it is through our experience that we have found keeping a dashboard updated is the number one issue with having them fail. Often updating a dashboard requires multiple people to physically be in the same room or many emails back and forth through many departments, ultimately resulting in a lot of time and miscommunication of information. However, at Switchbox, we have become particularly good at finding ways to automate dashboards. We help clients identify what needs to be on their dashboard and then help collect the correct information in order for management and teams to use it effectively. We look at the data a company collects and show them how their information could be simplified by organizing it all in one place. In addition, we help the client by deciding which is the best way to present the data (percentage, graphical, numerical, average, etc.). Overall, our experience with dashboards has helped us streamline communication and information within an organization. We are able to find what information is the most important and create efficient ways to access and update the dashboards themselves.

What’s on your dashboard and how can we make it better?