Corporate IT Innovation Projects

Streamlining Success: Innovative Corporate Technology Solutions

Despite the push for corporate innovation, many departments within large corporations face hurdles in innovating within the IT environment – and it almost always seems like getting a web application built requires years of paperwork just to get off the ground.

We expedite the app design and development process. Switchbox has partnered with some of the largest organizations across the nation to do the impossible by designing, building and launching web applications and other corporate IT innovation projects within just months.

IoT Web & Mobile Application Development

Switchbox has built a team of expert developers capable of handling “Internet of Things” or IoT projects. There are three main parts of any IoT project, including the device, the network and the end-user application. Each piece is critical in launching a successful application. There are a lot of companies out there that are capable of working in a single area, but Switchbox has experience navigating all three. This gives you greater control and can reduce the total cost of your project.

Employee Portal Development

Now, more than ever, there is a heightened emphasis on effective communication among team members. Some folks are permanently working remotely, while others thrive in an in-person office setting; regardless of where your employees are stationed, they need to be able to connect easily.

Our customized employee portals cut out the email chains and allow necessary information to be readily available at all times. We have worked with local organizations, as well as international businesses, to identify exactly what info employees really need in an effort to cut out the digital noise with our customized, secure employee portals.

Innovative Technology for Larger Corporations & Enterprise Businesses

What does your business need to do? Increase lead generation? Boost revenue-per-customer? Become more efficient and effective as you look to overtake competitors? We can make it happen for you. Whether it is a new enterprise web application or an extension of existing software, Switchbox can identify and develop an ideal solution. Our rapid prototyping delivers a quick win for your team so that you can demonstrate progress visually and quantitatively, adding company-wide confidence along the way. We can even navigate the often complex world of internal corporate politics to get your projects started quicker!

Legacy Application Upgrades

Any company that has been in business for more than a few years has an outdated application they are using. For some companies, like Nationwide Insurance, these systems are 30 years old, run on computers designed by your grandfather and are the lifeblood of the entire organization. If they go down, the whole ship goes down with it. They are painfully slow, outdated and hard to maintain but on the other side, they are the only place where critical business information lives. We can help solve this problem in two ways: building a seamless web application on top of the legacy or build the whole thing from the ground up – in a way that is faster, scalable and more reliable in the long term.

Ready To Get Your Corporate IT Project Moving (Quicker)?

The expert developers and savvy project managers at Switchbox are on standby. We’re in your corner when you need to navigate the corporate waters, get some agile wins and complete a project that will help your company remain at the top of the food chain for years to come.