10 Ways to Tell if your Organization Procrastinates on IT Projects

How does my organization rank on the IT Project Procrastination Scale?


We work with a lot of clients and this is a lot of what we hear regarding starting their web application projects.  To our clients we say… “We totally love you all but some of you have some big problems getting things moving.”  Please don’t take it personally but you need a little help.


Answer the questions below and count the number of “Yes” answers to get your score.

1. I’m required to fill out some type of multi-part form to show business value for my IT project.

2. After my last IT project meeting my boss told me to “Provide a revised business case for the project based on new information that was ‘uncovered’ during the meeting?”

3. The term “ROI” was used more then 10 times during my last meeting to discuss my project.

4. My boss blames his/her boss for not approving the project and says that “My boss will need more information before they will let me approve this project.”

5. Everyone on your team agrees this project has tremendous value, completely agrees on the need for the project, wants the project, and is excited about the project but… it still isn’t approved yet.

6. During the last meeting our “IT Guy” blamed “security concerns” as a reason to slow the project down but was unable to state specific concerns or next steps to address the concerns.

7. You heard the phrase, “I think we made great progress here today…” and “… so let’s discuss this again at our next meeting” with 5 minutes of each other.

8. Your IT project costs less then your last company party, will be done before the end of the fiscal year, and will require fewer internal resources then the last “sales brainstorming session” and everyone still has some reason they don’t want to start the new web application project.

9. You are still tracking mission critical data for your company on an Excel spreadsheet and your boss thinks that is a good idea.

10. You still use an IT vendor that screwed up the last 5 projects, always comes in over budget and never gets the work done on time and you still won’t fire them and try out a new company.


Your Score:

0-3: You lied! Just kidding.  Your company is great at embracing change and willing to try new things.  You are in the top 4% of companies.

4-6: You need some help.  You are still using Excel to run your business but you’ve decided the internet is not a fad and you are trying to move into the modern era.  Good for you.

7-10: Give up.  Stop using technology and buy some papyrus, a big stone tablet and a chisel…  Or call Switchbox.