Web Application Development Services

Functionality For Your Customers, Flexibility For Your Business

Custom web app development puts the control of your digital experience in your hands – finally. What do your customers want when they come to your site or app? What do you want it to look like? Our expert developers take your wishlist and combine those inspired details with their technical expertise to create something that not only appeals to virtually anyone using it, but can also easily scale with the growth of your organization.

The Types Of Custom Web Apps We Build

Switchbox can build just about anything you need, but there are certain tools we create more often than others, including customer portals, internal corporate intranets and unique scheduling software. We have built custom solutions for a variety of industries, including start-ups, insurance, logistics, government and medical/healthcare. If you can dream it, there’s a very good chance we can build it!

Less Headaches, More Control: What The Process Looks Like For You

Our goal is to make sure you feel as confident as possible about your app, which is why we start every project with intensive discovery. We gather your ideas, the technical specs and branding guidelines before diving into coding, development, delivery and, eventually, deployment. And just because your application is off to the races doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere! Our team is on standby for maintenance and any new features you’d like to add.

The Benefits of Custom Web App Development: You Get Exactly What You Need

You’ve seen it before; you’ve dealt with it before – the headaches that come with trying to work within a canned web-based app that your competitors are likely already using. You want it to do one thing, but the creators won’t allow it. Custom app development bypasses the stress and breaks through the competition by acting as a virtual playground. You choose the functions, the branding, the flow of information to fit what you need on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis.

Workplace Flexibility & Happier Teams
Reduced Maintenance & Downtime
Reduction in Errors - Both Human & Technical

Are Apps & Websites The Same Thing?

In some ways, no. In the ways that matter to you, yes! As the decision-maker, you, your team and your customers need access from wherever at any time. Because we’re building web-based apps, you get that luxury-turned-necessity. Smartphone browsers are advanced enough to process some pretty intensive data transfers, so worrying about limited access is a thing of the past.

The Fun Stuff: Coding Languages & Development Platforms We Typically Work With

Remember how we said we can handle just about any idea you throw our way? That’s because we have a team that specializes in a vast array of coding languages. Microsoft ASP.net, C#, PHP, Ruby on Rails – whatever works best for your unique situation. Based on the needs of your project and future considerations, our team will choose the platform most suitable for your custom solution and start building within that framework.

Custom Microsoft ASP.Net Development
Web Apps for ERP Systems
PHP Web Application Development
Ruby On Rails Development

Our Work

Web Application Development Experts In Columbus, OH – Here For You, No Matter Where You Are

Switchbox brings years of experience in developing cutting-edge, web-based applications to meet both the technical and business requirements of a project. Are you ready to create a custom app that will change your life for the better and allow your company to make a lot of money long into the future?