Allita 360

About Allita

Allita, a customizable software application, was developed by Switchbox and Greenwood 360 to provide software, training, and other services to non-profits who simply can’t afford technical barriers to achieve their mission. Allita provides tools and workflows to underwriters in order to accept and process applicants for foreclosure prevention programs. One program they helped to implement was Save the Dream Ohio. The Allita software allowed applicants to pre-qualify, check application status, and allow for members of Ohio Housing Financial Agency to process applications & notify applicants of application status. Allita handles the transfers of funds between banks and homeowners to ensure timely processing that follows federal compliance reporting guidelines.

See Allita Working In Action

The Problem:

Greenwood 360 recognized that nonprofit organizations needed a system they could afford that would allow them to maintain and own their software and data. The yearly cost of software services equate to less funds to allocate to those in need.  They felt funds would be better allocated in assisting homeowners in place of ongoing software support costs. Allita allows nonprofits to build upon their own systems as needed which helps to cut down on costly support contracts and retainers.

Case load tracking is also a huge problem for the industry. When millions of dollars of federal and states funds are being distributed the requirements for tracking documents, ensuring regulations and workflows are enforced, and handling communication of government employees becomes essential. This software was built to handle the complex nature of a government funded financial program.

The Solution:

Using Microsoft’s .NET technologies, Switchbox built a modern responsive homeowner portal for application qualification and intake. It includes an applicant dashboard for status updates and ongoing communication with assigned underwriters. It provides a servicer access portal for bank file transmissions, an underwriting portal with built in fraud detection, payment scheduling, and underwriter tools to track and calculate applicant qualifications and disbursements. The software integrates with document storage providers for content indexing and search.

The Results:

Save the Dream Ohio achieved data and software independence through the implementation of the Allita software platform.  Ohio homeowners benefited from a streamlined pre-qualification and application process. OFHA underwriters benefited from enhanced data analysis and automated processing of loan and applicant files. Ongoing support costs dropped dramatically, and staffing requirements were reduced as a result. Switchbox continues to work with Allita 360 to support other state programs.

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating Allita
  • Application Management
  • Charting
  • Custom Reports
  • Email Notifications
  • Process Management
  • Third Party API Integration