Our Culture

Work Hard. Play Harder. Innovate Everything.

We’re not your average software development company – in fact, we’re far from it. When you step into our office, you’re greeted by people who genuinely care about your success. We are the team that refuses to be ordinary, with the unwavering urge to challenge one another to color outside the lines. From front-facing sales to behind-the-scenes web developers, Switchbox unites team chemistry with industry expertise.

Learn more about the “why” behind Switchbox and discover your next partner for software development (we can also point you towards the best breweries in Columbus).

Explore Our Offices

A Better Working Environment Translates to Better Results

The atmosphere here is different because it is different. No mundane florescent white lights or the same Dell desktops they used in their last job. Our walls house innovation and collaboration. This space is filled with the nerdy knick-knacks you may expect from a development company (obviously, we have a ping pong table), but we also have the FitBox fitness center, masterpieces from local artists and some pretty excellent collaborative workspaces. We encourage you to swing by the office and see just where the magic happens!

Experience to Handle Pressure, Expertise to Lead

Automated intelligence has nothing on the human minds behind Switchbox. Meet our team and see those who will be providing hands-on support with your upcoming project.

Always On The Front Lines Of Innovation & Compliance

While we like to push the limits daily, we always remain compliant. Your business’s safety and security are our top priority. The custom solutions built by our developers always meet standard compliance regulations.

Real People Creating Real-World Solutions

The best thing about being part of the Switchbox team? We actually like each other! We are the team that golfs together, climbs walls together and goes to the range together. This outside-the-box rapport building creates a sense of accountability within the office that goes beyond just meeting deadlines. Interested in something like that? What to see your face above someday?

Explore Our Career Opportunities

Located Outside of Columbus, OH? Good!

We like to travel so we can come to you. There’s nothing like those brainstorming sessions on the way to a new location that really get the gears turning. You just don’t get that staying cooped up in the office all day! We’re always excited to see where the next project takes us.

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