Custom Mobile Application & Web Development Services - It's What We Do Best

Here at Switchbox, everything we do has a purpose, and it goes far beyond being a web and app development company.

Whether you’re looking to make more money, alleviate daily headaches, or build something that will leave your competition in awe, our expert development team can get it done for you. How do we do it? Take a closer look below.

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Web Development Services

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When it comes to creating a web-based app for your business, we demystify the world of technology so you understand exactly what you’re getting and deliver an easy-to-use, problem-solving software solution.

Switchbox is transparent and professional. What we build is lean and powerful.

iOS & Android App Development

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Looking to hire mobile app developers? Your strategic decision is spot on. Mobile apps are changing just about every facet of how we do business – from improving person-to-person communication, to helping companies broadcast deals to new customers, to retaining the customers you’ve already got. Switchbox specializes in mobile application development across a number of different frameworks and platforms.

To put it simply: we solve your biggest problems with tech and then put it on your smart device!

Corporate IT Innovation Projects

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The corporate environment can be a complicated one to navigate. Funding drama, inner-office politics, endless board meetings – all of these can plague a project that could help take the company to the next level. We put our Agile capabilities to the test as we deliver secure employee portals, ROI-boosting web applications and IoT projects all within just months. Not years. Need to add functionality to an existing legacy application? We can handle that, too.

Government Solutions

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As an Ohio state term vendor for more than 18 years – 3 years with the federal government, and scores of small businesses under our belt, we have a proven track record to work with government agencies of all sizes and locations.

Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions

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BPM is part art and part science. Your organization has a lot of processes that need to coexist, so we are artful in the way that we integrate fresh solutions to an existing landscape. What areas of your business are you looking to get a better grip on? What parts of the process have always been just out of your control?

We dig into the “why” behind your ideas before delivering the “how” and building out the “what.”

Custom CMS Website Development

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Our team works directly with you to give you complete control over your digital presence with a custom website – one that is clean, simple to manage, mobile-optimized and ready to generate money-making leads at all hours of the day.

How do your customers want information delivered to them? How easy do you want to make your life?

E-Commerce Website Development

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Shopify and Magento are great, but they fall short when you want to add greater control to the entire fulfillment process and customization to the products in the shopping cart. Where these platforms falter, we thrive. Instead of working within the confines of an existing framework and using the same designs that everyone else has already picked through, own something truly custom.

Build the virtual empire that best fits your brand, your business and your unique needs.

Business Intelligence

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What good is gathering all of that data if you can’t make use of it? Our Business Intelligence services help you decide what information is useful and what is just noise before organizing that data in a meaningful way to help you make educated business decisions.

Analysis. Modeling. Predictions. Real-world action. Let’s get smart.

Business Optimization Solutions

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Every minute counts when margins matter most and you’ve got competition breathing down your neck. Our Business Optimization Services are designed to automate what can be automated in an effort to free up team members to handle the more human-driven tasks.

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