A Hands-On Approach To Understanding Your Goals

The Switchbox discovery process is different. It is intensive and purpose-driven. We get straight to the heart of your project by figuring out what you need, what you want and how to get you there with no wasted movements. When this discovery begins, you’ll quickly watch as our team becomes an extension of your company. The pain points you feel are the headaches we alleviate. The end goals you strive for become our obsession.

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The Initial Meeting

We ask the right questions. We bring in the right team members. We get the information we need to deliver an initial project scope of work along with a high-level budget. Our team can take this first conversation and turn it into a set of interactive wireframes within just a week, giving you a form of tangible progress to take back to your stakeholders. The goal here? Momentum. Let’s get things moving.

Early Prototyping For Some Quick Wins

We get it. Sometimes your project needs a little push to get approved by the boss. Sometimes you aren’t even sure if your project makes sense to fund. Our team can build out the initial, high-level interactive prototypes in less than a week so you can take them to your decision-makers to get the backing you need. Clients who receive Early Prototyping are 4.3 times more likely to get their project funded than projects without early prototyping.

Need that jolt of progress to get the necessary funding? We’re ready to build.

We Meet You Where You Are

The Switchbox team will travel to your headquarters whenever possible to personally engage with you, your team and your clients to fully understand the problem and discover the right solution. The result? Software built by people who understand you, not “this is what you wanted, right?” When you work directly with the people building your website, your project moves faster. There are fewer problems caused by misunderstandings and missed deadlines. Accountability is at an all-time high and things get done.

Deliverables: You Won’t Leave Empty Handed

Discovery ends with documentation you understand and that you helped create. It also ends with an itemized budget that lets you control the final cost and timeline for your project. Most of our project discoveries are completed in 2-8 weeks.

Ready To Get Started?

Our experts are on standby to learn the “why” behind your next innovative solution. Get in touch with us today – we’ll set up the meeting, bring the questions and deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.