Business Process Management Solutions

The BPM Services Necessary To Gain Control Over Your Entire Operation

Our BPM services are designed to discover, model, analyze, measure and optimize company-wide functions by strategically weaving technology-driven solutions into your workflows to improve ROI and daily lives.

Wait. What does that actually mean? We use homegrown technology to help your organization run smoothly and make you more money.

Our Business Process Automation Services

Business Automation involves taking any process that requires a lot of manual effort and finding a way to do it without human intervention. This minimizes the risk of human error, boosts ROI and frees up your staff to handle other tasks that are best left to humans (and not a machine learning algorithm). No matter the task, we will put our expertise to the test to build a tech-driven solution as long as it reduces your headaches.

The Switchbox Approach to BPM Services

Business process management (BPM) is a sophisticated cocktail of art and science. It requires technical expertise and coding prowess, but it also takes a team of real people that cares about the success of your operation. We combine the “scientific” with the “human” to create something truly unique to your company – a solution that helps predict the future of your industry, cut waste around the edges, position your brand better against a major competitor or simply make your life easier.

Uncovering the "Why" Behind Innovative Ideas

We work directly with clients to understand not only what they want to automate with software, but why they are doing it in the first place. Technology can do a lot, but there may be certain tasks that are best left to humans – for example, we haven’t found a way to automate excellent bedside manner (yet). And there may be some pain points we’ve helped other companies solve in the past, so we can take inspiration from our wealth of completed projects instead of trying to formulate a groundbreaking idea from the ground up.

As we get an understanding of your business processes, we’ll start making suggestions on what can be handled via software, what needs to stay with staff members and what can be better handled by both. Custom BPM software allows you to free up key resources to make important decisions while the algorithms manage the more routine (read: mundane) portions of your business. You may be surprised by how much computers and software can handle!

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