Ohio Corn and Wheat

About Ohio Corn and Wheat

Ohio Corn & Wheat is the new umbrella organization that represents the strategic alliance of two checkoff organizations, The Ohio Small Grains Checkoff and The Ohio Corn checkoff, as well as the membership based organization known as The Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers association.  The organization works on behalf of Ohio’s corn and grain farmers to work towards market development, education, research, and promotion.  The 2,441 members of Ohio Corn & Wheat represent the voice and needs of over 30,000 farmers and friends in agriculture.

See Ohio Corn and Wheat Working In Action

The Problem:

Our initial discovery meetings with Ohio Corn & Wheat revealed a myriad of technological needs.  Their website was built on an outdated version of WordPress and was not mobile responsive.  When a section of the site needed to be updated, it was cumbersome for them to make appropriate changes without calling an outside source.  Ohio Corn & Wheat hosts many events that the website was unable to accommodate for by means of registration or attendance tracking.   Membership applications and fees were all completed through a paper-based system.  Ohio Corn & Wheat was unable to succinctly represent their new alliance through their site appropriately.   Though they had a website, it was unusable in many ways.

The Solution:

Switchbox, in collaboration with Frazier Heiby, created a beautiful, responsive website to suit the needs of Ohio Corn & Wheat.  The 4k ready site is equipped with our proprietary CMS which allows the Admin or Content Author the ability to make updates as often as needed as well as draft and publish new pages at a later date.  The custom content management system boasts a staffing tool, events plugin, Google Analytics, versioning, and draft abilities.  Each event is created uniquely to host custom questionnaires and essential documents.  The event information can then be exported for all of their reporting needs. Members can apply online as well as join committees or pay their dues directly from the site.  The strategic alliance is handsomely represented throughout the site and can serve to educate farmers and friends in agriculture about the organization in regards to the opportunities and advancements that Ohio Corn & Wheat works to generate and maintain.

The Results:

The members of Ohio Corn and Wheat are incredibly satisfied with their new site. It was great working with such a dedicated group of people accomplishing so many positive things. We are looking towards an ongoing relationship with them to provide maintenance and look to add new features as they continue to grow.

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating Ohio Corn & Wheat
  • Custom CMS
  • Payment Portal
  • Custom Reports
  • Event Management




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