Our Process

We Like Coding. We Hate Meetings.

Switchbox has established a process that we think you’ll like. Why? Because it gets you from “initial idea” to “initial prototype” as fast as possible. We don’t cut corners – we just cut out the boring stuff. The noise. The meetings that could just be emails. Every motion has meaning and every meeting we do have results in massive deliverables. This agile approach to project management is designed to build confidence among decision-makers, get your project completed faster and (let’s be blunt) make you look good!

Our Unique Discovery Phase

We’ve got the expert coders. We have the world-class designers. Our project managers communicate more effectively than anyone else in the industry. But what really sets Switchbox apart is our discovery. At the earliest stage of this partnership, our team will come to you, engage with your team personally and learn everything there is to know about your project, your organization and your end goals. We use this time to become part of your team and get to the heart of your project, which allows us to deliver early prototypes in just one week if necessary.

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The Agile Software Development Phase

After a project is approved, our team meets with you every two weeks to show our progress, discuss what is going on and get your feedback. This agile approach allows you to shape your web application as it is built and helps improve the quality of the final project. One significant difference in our approach? We actually quote a firm estimate and work with you to deliver a working version within that budget. “Agile” doesn’t mean “Open Wallet.”

Continued Support & Upgrades

Your project may be complete, but our job isn’t done. All of our applications are built to be easily maintained, but if you need support after your project is launched, we can handle it as part of a monthly plan or on an as-needed basis. You do not need an in-house IT department to maintain a Switchbox build – unless you prefer to do so!