Technology Stacks

The Frameworks, Coding Languages & Software We Use To Complete Your Project

Our developers have a wealth of experience working within a variety of coding environments. Over time, we have learned what technology pairs best with specific goals and what platforms can be pushed to the side. Get a closer look at what we do from a more technical perspective.

Craft CMS
Java Application Development
Microsoft SQL
Orchard CMS
Ruby On Rails

What Is Open Source Software Development?

The best way to describe open-source software development is a community-based method to software development. This means all code developed for the software or web application in question is available for public use. If the software is developed privately, all development is owned privately and anyone who wishes to use the software may have to register or pay a licensing fee.

What Does “Saas” Mean?

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service.” This is when you subscribe to a software, and it is hosted and maintained somewhere else. Basically, all the user would have to do is subscribe and download the app. Maintenance and other updates would be taken care of by the third party provider. Updates can also be optional by the user.

Can Switchbox Build Upon Existing (Legacy) Applications?

Yes. We have often been asked to build upon (or completely rebuild) an original form of an online or web-based application, to increase or improve functionality, fix bugs or generally maintain a business’s legacy application. Many businesses have come to us, not looking for a complete rebuild of their current system, but simply an upgrade.

Don’t See The Specific Application or Software You’re Looking For?

Not a problem. These are just some of the frameworks and coding languages we most often work with. And we’re not afraid to learn something new! Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you create the next innovative solution.