Early Prototyping

Something Tangible & Interactive To Keep The Momentum Going

As the head of the project, you have people within your organization you have to answer to. Your reputation is on the line and you need some quick wins to keep confidence high. You need trust to get funding. We get it. Switchbox has established a process to deliver an early prototype/interactive wireframe of your project to take back to the team – within just a few weeks

The Power of Switchbox Discovery

Throughout the initial meeting, our team gets everything it needs to deliver a comprehensive scope of work, educated budget and interactive prototype. We don’t just take notes and marching orders; we listen and understand the problems you are trying to solve as we become an extension of your team.

More About That A Few Weeks Deliverable

We don’t want to just tell you how awesome Switchbox is – we want to quickly prove it. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to a droll presentation that will likely leave you with your eyes glazed over. Instead, within a week, you will see us transform our initial meeting into an interactive wireframe. This will energize your project and prove why your ideas should be funded.

The Benefits of Wireframing

You’re probably thinking: wow, interactive wireframes are cool, but why don’t you stick to the status quo and just hand me some documents? Your project needs funding. Your boss doesn’t want to have to sit through a PowerPoint or read through dense documents. They want something real. They want to see their budget put into action. An interactive wireframe is 4.3 times as likely to get you the backing you need. That’s why we do it!

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get the necessary funding for your project? Ready to see your innovative idea come to life?