Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App Development For Businesses

Switchbox specializes in app development services that can do just about anything you need! From giving daycare employees the ability to communicate needs with parents via mobile devices, to helping nuclear engineers get relevant accurate information when machines fail. They’re versatile. Reliable. Convenient.

Put The Right Digital Tools In The Right Hands

iPhone & iPad Applications

As a top mobile app development company, we thrive when it comes to building iOS-specific technologies, integrations and other mobile-friendly functionalities. We have completed a wide range of iPhone/iPad apps – from technology that allows farmers to access databases from mobile systems in their tractors, to an application that gives non-profits the ability to connect donors with those in need.

Native Mobile App Development

Native mobile apps are typically smartphone applications that are coded in a specific programming language for one operating system. These apps are responsive. They can integrate with existing phone apps (like address books, the camera, etc.). And since the application exists on the physical device, they work without an Internet connection and use the device’s processing power to improve speeds.

We have the in-house development expertise to create intuitive native apps that put more power in your hands – whether you’re looking to build your app for Apple or for Android devices.

Location-Based (GPS) Mobile Application Development

A GPS Enabled application is aware of a customer near your business or designated area of interest. The apps we build can either alert the customer or the business, before generating marketing material or simply track the user’s activity. This entire process can be completely automated and can work directly with the customers’ locations and resources that they already have for even greater convenience.

PhoneGap Mobile Application Development

All of our mobile applications are created using PhoneGap framework to provide usability no matter what device the end-user chooses. This is the industry standard framework that works as the backbone of many incredibly popular apps on the market today (including Western Union, SworkIt & more). You’re in good hands.

It’s Time To Build Your Mobile App

No matter the functionality or desired host, Switchbox has the experience to design, build and publish the custom mobile application you need to best fit your organization.