Dueling Axes

Powered by RKd

Dueling Axes started in Columbus, OH as an urban axe throwing lounge in a young industry, which was fairly unknown when it first emerged. Dueling Axes’ mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience and atmosphere for axe throwing. Conveniently located in the downtown Columbus area, New Albany/Gahanna, and now the newly opened Las Vegas. Dueling Axes provides a lounge atmosphere where friends can eat, drink, and throw axes with a variety of gameplay options.

The Problem:

Creating a Membership Option

The RKd software solutions is an existing platform built on Ruby on Rails and React by Switchbox, to learn more about the original build please see our case study here. In their sales pitches to their clients on why they should choose RKd Solutions software, they were losing new client opportunities because they didn’t offer a member platform and those clients were membership based businesses. There was no way to do membership within their current software, which was resulting in them losing a large portion of new client opportunities.

The Solution

Customized Membership Platform

Switchbox designed a fully customizable, location specific, membership platform, which allows the clients of RKd Solutions to create fully customized membership types for their customers to sign up for. We also created the ability for a member to log in to their dashboard to see their membership status, the amount of hours used against their membership, and make reservations at the venue. They can also update their payment records, renew their membership, change their membership, and see the history of their visit to the site location.

The Results

Marketable and Customizable Software

RKd now has the ability to grow their client pool to a significant amount, and put the solution in more locations. Their clients can now enable the ability to create memberships which can increase their own revenue month over month. Which also allows them to create new revenue opportunities, create new marketing strategies, and allows Powered by RKd and their clients to grow substantiantly. 

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating Powered by RKd Membership Feature
  • SaaS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React