About The Copmany

ABITEC Corp is a company that focuses on specialty chemicals and lipid-based products.  These products are used as ingredients in food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, and personal care.  One of the best ways to market these lipids and specialty chemicals is through a sample program that allows their product to be tested by a control group prior to gauge its effectiveness.  We were contacted by the Columbus division of Abitec Corp to assist them in revamping their sample ordering process.

The Problem:

Abitec Corp’s sample ordering process involved many manual processes that relied heavily on certain associates. Sample orders through the website were manually sorted and allocated among the company’s sales team. Each order was filtered by customer type, area, and product application by hand with varying levels of exceptions. With so many logic dependencies performed by hand, Abitec Corp needed a way to automate many of their business rules to ensure their ability to grow as a company.

The Solution:

Switchbox worked with Abitec’s sales and marketing team to determine the unique business rules required for the sample system. Within 4 meetings the development team had create an initial scope of work and wireframes for the project.  The final site reviewed each sample request for country of origin, pharmaceutical requested, assigned sales rep and a variety of other factors to gain sales approval. The sample could be automatically approved and routed to the manufacturing facility without human intervention in a majority of instances which saved significant amounts of staff time.

After the web application was built the internal team at Abitec realized they could use the data to improve their sales and marketing efforts and an interactive dashboard was created to display the information accordingly.

The Results:

The new web application has eliminated the need to have a single person manage all orders, removed the human intervention on most orders completely, and significantly enhanced the delivery speed for orders. Customer communication has increased and the sales and marketing team has significantly more time.

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating Abitec
  • Shipping Integration
  • Process Management
  • Dashboard
  • Business Intelligence


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