About Armada

ARMADA is a world-class provider of mitigation, prevention, preparedness, protection, response and recovery solutions. ARMADA provides unique services for clients including a unique staffing solution for finding bomb sniffing dogs, security expert, snipers, and other security specialist to handle a variety of situations. ARMADA’s business is built our process with military precision and their client base has been growing rapidly based on the unique skill sets they provide and the quality they deliver.

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The Problem:

The security and preparedness industries have been changing rapidly. Years ago, organizations would simply hire five special duty police officers to protect an event. With the increased level of terrorism across the globe, or at least an increased level of awareness and liability concerns, the same event today requires significant planning; mass gathering, evacuation, public private partnerships, metal detectors, drone security, snipers, bomb detection equipment, bomb detection dogs, and the list is growing. ARMADA Ltd. has a significant bench of well qualified resources across the country, and around the world; however, prioritizing and allocating resources is becoming incredibly difficult. ARMADA’s clients need experienced security and preparedness and planning experts, but more importantly, a highly qualified team to be onsite for individual events, or long-term projects. It’s become increasingly difficult to find qualified individuals who have the appropriate skill sets to not only provide the required subject matter expertise, but also serve as a project manager, customer service representative, and an ambassador of ARMADA.  Switchbox was called upon to help develop a one of a kind web-based human resources tool to recruit, vet, and onboard personnel in a very specialized industry.

The Solution:

A fully custom web-based, secure platform that allows ARMADA management to define human capital growth strategies. The portal allows human resource personnel, project managers, and business development personnel to work collaboratively and define candidate requirements linked to current and future ARMADA opportunities.  The system suggests job opportunities to more than 1000 existing candidates, as well as “pushes” the job opportunities to new prospective candidates. Identifying candidates is only a small portion of the new system. Once a candidate is identified, the system tracks the candidate’s progress through an online application, interviewing, vetting, and on-boarding process.  At any time, ARMADA management can query the system for candidates who match very specific criteria such as: e.g. lives in a specific zip code (or country), leadership experience, a security clearance, compensation expectations, as well as the necessary certifications or language proficiencies.  The ARMADA recruiter, business development manager, or project manager can interact with the candidate directly through the system to ensure all communications, vetting, collection of certifications, etc. is time and date stamped and linked to the specific candidate.

The Results:

ARMADA has continued to invest in their internal online web portal “ARMADA Track,” and has seen tremendous growth in their industry as a result of their investment. ARMADA’s President, Tom Foos stated: “ARMADA Track is always evolving and Switchbox continues to provide ARMADA with superior web platform consulting and programming services. Joel, and the Switchbox team (especially Eric), have been a fantastic to work with over the past fourteen years”

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating Armada
  • Online Tracking
  • Custom Data Management
  • User Workflow
  • Web Application
  • Employee Web Portal
  • Custom Reporting