Clarus R+D

About Clarus R+D

Clarus R+D solves the complexities and costs of claiming the research and development (R&D) tax credit. The changes to the federal tax code in 2016 extended this significant credit to startups & early stage companies. The powerful Clarus R+D web-based application is perfect for small to midsize businesses that invest in innovation and need a collaborative, cost-effective solution for claiming the credit. The app streamlines data gathering through a step-by-step process with customized support from tax experts.

See Clarus R+D Working In Action

The Problem:

Certain incoming data was being duplicated for each R&D project. The data was not organized for reporting on multiple projects. With many customers investing in several projects each tax year, Clarus R+D needed a solution to handle tracking of those multiple projects.

The Solution:

Switchbox worked with a re-designed user interface using React, a state of the art coding language, to establish a highly functional front end user experience. This included a new user dashboard that grouped all information by year and also by project. New questionnaires were built to ensure maximization of the available tax credits for customers. The information is stored throughout the process and businesses are able to start and stop a questionnaire where they left off. Real time calculations alert users to their current R&D tax credit as they progress.

The Results:

Overall this project has helped Clarus R+D customers gain more control over their R&D tax data. The dashboard guides users through each step of the process. The website application is user friendly and groups items together by project and by year. Customers now have a big picture view of the value of their R&D investments. Clarus plans to roll out additional improvements to their new application throughout 2019 with the help of Switchbox.

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating Clarus R+D
  • Custom Data Management
  • React Development
  • Web App
  • Data Integration
  • Dashboard
  • Online Questionnaire
  • UI/UX
  • Database Management