OAHC Tableau Compatible Exports

Custom Reporting & Training

OAHC is a collaborative non-profit organization that helps to facilitate health and counseling services for Ohio’s youth. This collaborative of 10 organizations helped to server 88,500 students in 2017. We began working with RUC, a collaborator of OAHC in 2010, developing a database for them to facilitate their reporting and informational needs. As time has progressed, we’ve enhanced the reporting capabilities of the application to include regional coordinations and subcontractors, segments for grant funding usage, rosters and associated demographic data.

The Problem:

OAHC purchased Tableau to help with creating data visualizations and needed to configure their data appropriately to utilize this new software. For OAHC, utilizing Tableau with Excel or CSV spreadsheets was the most desired outcome. With the purchase of this Tableau, OAHC had extensive Tableau application training and needed to adjust the exports of their data in order to create the specialized charts and visualizations offered by the software.

The Solution:

Switchbox met with OAHC to discuss the output needs of Tableau. We utilized a test account to evaluate the options for integration. Upon evaluation, we concluded that we would adjust the exporting capabilities of the OAHC database application and train them how to integrate these exports with Tableau. Switchbox created a spreadsheet to outline the relationships in the non-relational database through a complex SQL query. After generating the relational data, we updated the application’s ability to export a CSV to then import into the Tableau system. Since Tableau is an intuitive program, it transformed the data generated from the export into an intuitive data scheme to use for charts and data visualization.

The Results:

RUC has begun to utilize this new tooling system along with its collaborators. They are so excited to share these new data visualizations from Tableau with their funding sources. OAHC is hopeful that this Tableau implementation will help to gain new funding sources and grow their organization.

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