Right Way Medical

About the company:

Right Way Medical has been recognized by Columbus Business First as one of the fastest-growing companies in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.  Right Way has been providing health care products and services to the community for over 8 years. They are recognized as a full-service infusion pump and disposable distributor along with other services. This company has grown significantly over the years and holds customer satisfaction as a top priority. Right Way Medical brings a unique perspective to the healthcare market with its focus on creative customer financing and customized business solutions.

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The Problem:

With all that growth happening, Right Way Medical needs to be ahead of the game in order to run their operations effectively and efficiently while maintaining top class customer service experience. Here are the two digitization initiatives that we were engaged to help with recently:


Customer Portal Development
This is being built as an extension to their current online store (WooCommerce). The goal is to allow customers to have a dedicated hub that will let them perform custom transactions like setup auto ordering, pricing request, check inventory status, setup auto pay, and checking their order history. With this hub in place, Right Way Medical leveraged the information and automation technology to fulfill their customer needs and be able to maintain top level customer service and focus on growth at the same time.

NetSuite ERP Integration

We all know Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a key role in the growth of a company. With their growth rate, it was extremely crucial to not just select a robust ERP, but also to be able to integrate seamlessly with their current day to day operations. Most importantly, Right Way Medical needed this to blend seamlessly with their current software. In this case Right Way Medical decided to go with NetSuite ERP and Switchbox is tasked to help integrate with their operation software that Switchbox had developed for them previously.

The Process and Solution:

Switchbox worked closely with Right Way Medical to develop features for a cohesive customer portal that extends the default online store features. Switchbox also developed a middleware that will allow for data to automatically integrate between the store, the portal, and NetSuite.

They can operate more effectively by automating their core processes and to streamline their business performance.

The Results:

The result is a nicely integrated solution and with automation it truly allows Right Way Medical to run more effective and efficient day to day operations while maintaining and providing high customer service and satisfaction.

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating Right Way Medical:
  • Custom CMS
  • Order Logistics
  • WooCommerce Customization
  • NetSuite Integration
  • Process Management