Right Way Medical

About Right Way Medical

Right Way Medical has been recognized by Columbus Business First as one of the fastest-growing companies in 2018. Right Way has been providing health care products and services to the community for over 15 years. They are recognized as a full-service infusion pump and disposable distributor among other services. This company has grown significantly over the years and holds customer satisfaction as a top priority.

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The Problem:

With the rapid growth of equipment sales at Right Way Medical, they needed to grow their customer Access database to include a more systematic way to track the process of equipment from receiving, servicing and renting.  In order to grow these services, Right Way Medical needed a customized management system allowing secure access and added tracking capabilities.

The Solutions:

Switchbox went through a discovery process to enhanced what Right Way Medical was currently providing and then created additional software/applications to add more functionality. As part of our discovery process, Switchbox was able to build software that had mechanisms in place to schedule routine cleaning, track preventative maintenance and allowed periodic testing on their equipment. Switchbox also added customized reporting and foreshadowing trends to meet the progression of needs. The system was upgraded to a secure online application that allowed customers of Right Way Medical to use the system remotely and allowed customers the flexibility to track other health care equipment or assets they are using.

The Results:

Right Way Medical and Switchbox worked to launch a web-based asset tracking application called Right Track. This application was designed to help Right Way Medical to manage infusion pumps in the areas of tracking the movement & location, disposition & history of pumps, and billing calculations to generate statements.  This application assists all clients whether they rent, own or lease equipment. In addition, Right Way Medical can manage new devices and products through this tracking process as they continue to grow.

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating Right Way Medical
  • Custom CMS
  • Order Logisitics
  • Application Management
  • Process Management
  • ASP.Net C# Development
  • Custom Reporting
  • Online Tracking