Ohioana Library Association

About Ohioana Library Association

Ohioana Library Association works to promote, preserve, and increase the awareness of Ohio literature by reaching over half a million people worldwide. They do so through book festivals, book awards, library collections, or the Ohioana Quarterly publication to connect readers with Ohio writers. The Association is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, not-for-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees composed of up to 28 members from throughout Ohio. It is supported through memberships, subscriptions, contributions, and a subsidy from the State of Ohio.

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The Problem:

Ohioana Library Association came to Switchbox looking to refresh their website design, create a better user experience, and overall easier navigation of their existing website. Their previous website was outdated, and the user experience was cumbersome and difficult to navigate. This caused their users to feel frustrated and end up leaving the site not being able to find what they were looking for. Ohioana was looking for a new website that was easy to maintain, that created a better user experience, and that updated the design and look of the website as well.

The Solution:

Switchbox decided to use a new version of WordPress with additional plugins to make the Ohioana Library Association site management a simpler task to handle for the team. In doing so, the user experience is much easier to navigate with a seamless transition between pages. Easy and more streamlined catalog organization of their articles were created for the users as well. There was even a brand new donations page and form created to increase and manage the ease of donations. That, along with a simplified and easy to manage admin portal for WordPress allow for the Ohioana team to better manage the data on the website was implemented.

The Results:

The final result was launched customized WordPress site with additional plugins that created a seamless and easy to navigate website for the Ohioana Library Association. Their previous website had not been updated in over 8 years, so this was a huge transition for them. The easy to find, accessible, and user-friendly website, both for the front facing website and the admin portal, were a great adjustment for the Ohioana team and their members. 

Technology That Went Into Ohioana Library Association
  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design