CAPSA Healthcare

About CAPSA Healthcare

CAPSA Healthcare makes a variety of medical carts that support an incredible number of configurations. Their company has been growing dramatically over the last few years and needed help handling sales of this customizable product.

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The Problem:

Each product allows for a high degree of customization, add-on items and other options that make each product unique. While this level of customization is key to selling their products it also makes each sale difficult. Customers had problems understanding the option while on the phone or even face to face with a sales rep. Potential orders online were often not placed because customers where unsure of exactly what they were getting. A simple, easy to use, easy to understand online web tool was needed to assist customers in the buying process.

The Solution:

Switchbox partnered with ForeFront Web (a Columbus, OH-based design firm) to work through creating a rich UI for the customers. Our team worked with the sales, marketing and internal IT teams to determine what options where required and how they could be presented to customers. Attention was also paid to how the orders would move from a customer to the database to track online leads. The final solution was launched as a completely custom web application that tied in with the sales teams CRM and internal product database.

The Results:

The project was an instant success as measured by increased orders, reduced customer time on the phone and more accurate order fulfillment. The project was so well received that 3 additional custom products were also designed and launched as an online product configuration tool.

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating CAPSA Healthcare
  • Product Configuration
  • Business Automation
  • Responsive Design

27 mil

Unique configurations


Days to complete


Unique products


Minute reduction per order