About The Company

AppRiver is a solutions based company providing easy, effective, and affordable solutions for businesses. Their simple mission is to be phenomenal.  Founded in 2002, AppRiver has over 230 employees working hard to ensure companies have few issues, providing services in spam & virus protection, web protection, email encryption, and secure hosted exchange.

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The Problem:

AppRiver’s old environment consisted of 4 IIS web servers (one for each language). Each of these web servers were utilizing ASP.Net web site files (.aspx.) to serve content. There was no backing CMS or database, meaning that each time someone wanted to update content, they would have to contact the IT department, wait on a response, review the implementation, and review again with IT to make any needed adjustments. Obviously, AppRiver was looking for a more efficient method to update content that didn’t require as many internal steps.

The Solution:

Switchbox saw a need to create a Custom Management System to more efficiently manage AppRiver’s process. In order to solve their challenges, we chose to build their newly designed website on top of our Sweetness MVC CMS platform. The Sweetness CMS allowed AppRiver to host their website on a single web server. If a content author needed to submit changes to their site, they would simply request access to the CMS. Once logged in, the author was able to make all changes needed on one interface, including editing every language available for the page.

The Results:

AppRiver has a fully customized, beautiful website. The content authors of their website love the ease of use and capabilities of their custom content management system. All content updates are now managed within the CMS, streamlining the process for all updates needed. Content authors are now able to manage and revise any page of their website without needing to involve their IT department. This has greatly increased the timeline for updates and allows the site to easily adapt to any needed changes without involving various departments.

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating AppRiver
  • Custom CMS
  • Application Management
  • Secure Data
  • Responsive Design


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Custom CMS