BBB - Center for Character Ethics

About the National Center for Character Ethics

The National Center for Character Ethics is a division of the BBB. Their goal is to increase awareness of ethical enterprising as well as to provide tools to help companies deliver on their promises.

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The Problem:

The BBB was looking for a software provider that could handle the challenge of working with a team of consultants, statisticians and business leaders to develop a new site. The primary goal of the site was to create a survey and related tools that would allow business leaders to anonymously survey their staff regarding their business and turn the raw data into easy to understand action steps to improve the company. All this had to be done in conjunction with the national headquarters and the local BBB across the county.

The Solution:

The final survey was launched and adopted by local BBB chapters across the country. A national level administrator was able to handle all the survey requests and payments through an easy to use tool which reduced the need for local chapters to have on site administrative talent. Survey results were compiled and delivered electronically and were so helpful they were used in following years for prospective Torch Award candidates.

The Results:

The survey was successfully launched to 14 chapters in the first year which was significantly above the goal for early adoption. The platform was so stable it was used as a criteria for nominee companies for the Torch Award for Character Ethics the year it was launched and several BBB Trust Consultants used it as the primary evaluation tool for their initial meetings with clients.

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating BBB - Center for Character Ethics
  • Online Survey
  • Franchise Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • E-Commerce
  • Multi-Tenant Web App