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About CAPSA Healthcare

CAPSA Healthcare makes a variety of medical carts that support an incredible number of configurations.  Their company has been growing dramatically over the last few years and needed help handling sales of this customizable product. CAPSA Healthcare is built upon a 50-year foundation of experience and innovation designed to improve the organization, efficiency and accuracy of healthcare providers. 

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The Problem:

CAPSA Healthcare’s sales of medical carts require a high degree of customization, including add-on-items that create individually unique products. While this level of customization is key to selling their products it also makes sales difficult for the customers.  CAPSA needed help simplifying the process for customers and cutting down the time spent on the phone or face to face sales representative.  Along with the previous site build, a simple, easy to use, easy to understand online web tool was needed to assist customers in the buying process. This time it was for their Avalo medical cart, which is more complex than any of their previous medical devices, so a discovery and development process was needed to create the best possible solution for CAPSA.

The Solution:

Like our previous customization to their website, Switchbox paid close attention to detail on how the orders would move from the customer to their database. The Avalo customization cart needed an intensive online product configuration tool since there were so many differing configurations that were possible, so it was important to create an ease of use for the customer to interact with the site. A discovery process was completed due to the complexities of the varying configurations of CAPSA Healthcare’s medical carts. In the discovery to development phases, items were adjusted to simplify the process to be more budget conscious while still producing the best product available.

The Results:

The final result was launched as a complete PHP customization configuration solution that integrated with CAPSA Healthcare’s sales teams CRM and their internal product database. The project was an instant success as measured by increased orders, reduced customer time on the phone and more accurate order fulfillment.  The project was so well received that 3 additional custom products were also designed and launched as an online product configuration tool. Increase their revenue and website traffic

The Technology & Services That Went Into Creating CAPSA Healthcare
  • Product Configuration
  • Business Automation
  • Responsive Design

27 mil

Unique configurations


Months to complete


Unique products


Minute reduction per order