3 Reasons Company Culture Is Important

Company culture has become a huge topic within organizations. Understanding what brings in good employees and keeps them around is an added advantage to an employer. While most companies, at one point, may have never even considered the idea, it seems like an unavoidable topic in today’s businesses as more and more potential candidates ask What is your company culture like? To better understand why, below  lists 3 reasons company culture is important.

  1. Retention Rate

Employees usually take a position for the pay but it takes much more to keep them around. To truly have a good retention rate, employers must foster work environments that encourage growth and creativity. Employees have choices, which is something employers often overlook. If someone is unhappy they can leave your organization and get paid elsewhere at no cost to them but it will cost the employer time and money to replace the position. Building a good company culture means keeping employees around for longer because they can professionally and personally grow within your company. Offering a community and space that makes employees feel good about what they do and who they do it for, will keep them around for the long haul.

  1. Happy Employees Work Harder

Time and time again only proves that people are more motivated when they are happy and feel good about themselves and the work they’re doing. A good company culture does just that- creates a team that is happy and engaged. Employers that take the time to cultivate and establish a good culture, will see the reward in their employees hard work and dedication to the company. Employees who feel valued typically go the extra mile instead of simply meeting the minimum.

  1. Engagement & Growth

Ultimately, a successful company culture engages employees so they are able to grow within your organization instead of growing out of it. Companies should create environments in which employees can grow and evolve in their roles, furthering the development for the business overall.

While it is often hard to measure, putting consistent effort into creating a positive company culture only benefits your employees and the business long term. Once a good culture is established, it is then essential to try to maintain those standards. These 3 reasons illustrate just a few reasons each company should concern itself with the idea of company culture and begin to strive to establish one that works best for you and your team.