A Week at Switchbox

I get asked, “What do you guys do?” a lot. It’s a hard question to answer but I recently had a web developer we were interviewing push me on an answer to the question. I pulled up pictures on my phone to show him what I did the week of February 28th. These are a few of the meetings I had that week.

1. Project Kickoff for an IoT Device that will Help Farmers More Effectively Harvest Crops.

The picture is of a unique set of scales that get mounted on a grain trailer that we need to connect an iPhone to.  The mobile app will be a first of the kind in the industry combining GPS, real time weight, employee scheduling, and land managers together.

2. Playing with a Baby Goat for a Custom Veterinary Medicine Mobile Application

It’s always fun when you get to see who our applications will help.  In this case we are working with a client to build an app that will help large animal vets with tracking patient information.  As a random bonus we got to meet the patients.

3. Hold the Heisman Award

One of our clients is The Wendy’s High School Heisman awards and to say thanks for years of work they bought us lunch, gave us some free swag, and let us hold the Heisman Award.  I really love my job and I love our partnership with Rattleback, the design firm that has been running the awards for many years.  Thanks Wendy’s.


4. IoT Device Inspection

One of our clients commissioned a custom industrial design and electronic component design for their project.  We got to sit down with the designers (Pimios) to see how the hardware would actually work.  It’s been fun to join the virtual world I live in with the physical world our client needs to work in.  These devices are going to go into service across the nation in a few months.  We blurred the client logo in this picture in case you were wondering.


5. Blue Jackets Game with Other Columbus Business Owners

It’s not all work at Switchbox.  Part of running a successful business is gettting together with other business owners.  These two guys have been great friends for a long time so we decided to get out of the boardroom and do something fun.  Can anyone say “Tax write off?”  Thanks IRS.  BTW: We discussed lots of important business issues during our time together.


6. My Nerdy Heritage

While visiting a client I discovered a truly great gem of technology.  A classic Atari!  Keep in mind that my car key fob has more processing power then this console but for some reason I couldn’t pass this up.  I once visited a client and walked into their back office and met a robot that was used in the last Spiderman movie.  We never know what we are going to find when we visit clients.



If you are a web developer in Columbus and are looking to get out of your boring job give us a call.  You’ll get to be a part of projects like this on a daily basis.  Web Developers Postions in Columbus, Ohio