Always Encrypted


I’m certain most of us developers have been faced with the challenge of building an application that houses sensitive data. Here are the thoughts that come rushing through my mind at that request:

My legitimate concerns correlate with the rise of hacking activities throughout the universe these days.  I can’t make any light assumptions when it comes to dealing with sensitive data. I’ve got to think carefully before I jump into any sort of implementation.

One Solution Out of Many

So… I’m sharing this as one of the possible solutions for dealing with sensitive data.  By no means is this the only solution. I’m putting my disclaimer here by saying that you will still need to evaluate the application and see if this solution fits for your client. I came across this recently when another developer at Switchbox (Steve) had us check out SQL Server 2016 new Always Encrypted mode. I was intrigued by the word “Always Encrypted” and decided to learn more about it.

Here are a few things that I found out while messing around with it:

So there you have it. I honestly think this is a good feature to know about and hopefully it will be handy for any of you one of these days. I know for sure it will be for us at Switchbox.


Building a Dynamic Sitemap without all the Hard Work

If you have ever struggled with building a sitemap to present to a client or your marketing team there are two great tools that we use fairly frequently.  The first is which is a great sitemap building tool.  It allows you to quickly create a hierarchical list view of pages.  It also provides extra features such as adding comments, color coding, creating versions and many more features.

The second is using a free tool recommended by Google.

This let’s you crawl your own sites in a variety of different ways to organize page content.