Nice job Team Switchbox at broomball. I’ve never seen some much enthusiasm in the office. Maybe we should all move our desk to the Chiller.

Showing Up

In order to be at the right place at the right time you first need to show up.

~Joel Stephens

Ninja has been highlighted

After meeting with Mlicki today I got back to the office and discovered that Ninja (the office dog) has a yellow neck instead of a white neck. Apparently Matt got a little creative with his highlighter.


Regular Expression

You can check out this great site to find regular expressions as well as test them.

New .net Open Source Shopping Cart

Check out NOP Commerce, an open source e-commerce shopping cart for .net.

More jQuery Tools

Great jQuery tool that Matt found. It has tabs, expose, sliding menus, etc. Thanks Matt.

Best Icon Site Ever

Lighthouse Project Management Software

We are currently integrating Lighthouse project management software for an IT firm here in Ohio. It provides a great web interface for handling tickets and integrating with their staff to support their clients.

Check out the site:

OSU Lambda Chi Alumni

One of our developers recently launched a website for the Ohio State Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Alumni Association.

This project uses a lot of jquery and design features to create an engaging website.

OSU Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Assocaition

JStack Menus

This menu is a great way to add in twitter, facebook, linkedin, and more icons with out cluttering your website.
It also has the ability to bend and curve for any browsers that allow css transformations.

JStack Menus