Batch Install Applications with Ninite

Prepping a new computer with a fresh load of Windows is often a pretty tedious task – critical apps that take significant amounts of time to install (Visual Studio, SQL Server, Management Studio, etc.) mixed together with hundreds of updates and service packs with your odd mix of browsers, media, chat, and other random apps takes hours at least, if not days.

Thankfully, a solution exists that consolidates a selection of the most common applications into a single, standalone installer: Ninite.

Simply custom build your app package via checkbox selections, and let the installer do all of the work!

There are lots of great options for web developers including all the major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox), popular chat clients (Skype, Google Talk, etc.), application runtimes (.NET, Flash, Java) and tools (JDK, Eclipse, Notepad++, Filezilla).

Definitely worth a look if you prepping (yet another) machine for web or client development.