Benefits of Detailed UX Design

When we talk about user experience, or UX, we tend to think about wire framing. This is for obvious reasons: it is simple, cheap, and does a good job of conveying what we will provide to our clients. Even still, wire framing cannot provide the details clients need to make informed decisions and fully appreciate the benefits we have to offer. One other option is investing time, money, and team effort into creating a fully designed and well thought out UX documents. Because of the expense and time investment before any guaranteed work this option can put off agencies. Admittedly this will not immediately raise your proposal success rate to 100% but it does have quite a few benefits to consider:


Having a product details page illustrates to clients exactly how big images will be, what font will be used, where the description will be located, etc. This type of information allows clients to start interacting with our team from the beginning because they have the knowledge necessary to make suggestions as well as more clearly define their vision going forward.


UX documents provides solutions in a visually expressive and readable format for the client. A document with branding and extensive solutions creates an easy stepping stone for a client to select an agency for the project.

Internal Benefits

Preparation of these documents ensures that the design given to the client is in line with their vision. Additionally, the process promotes collaboration between our team and the client’s team early on, invariably creating better solutions and a more efficient process.