Center of Vocational Alternatives Launch!

For the past year, Switchbox has working on a portal website for the Center of Vocational Alternatives (COVA).  COVA, a program of Southeast Healthcare Services, provides services which assist and support individuals in overcoming emotional and other challenges to a productive life, focusing on employment, economic stability and life skills. Their belief that all people have the capacity to grow and change ignited the RecoveryWorks program as a support system for empowering those needing support in their life’s journey.

Switchbox worked closely with Peebles Creative Group and COVA to create, a client support portal for Wellness Members. RecoveryWorks offers a way for COVA Recovery Guides to interact with Wellness Members who can also enlist others to support them by inviting and interacting with them within the site.

Some of the technical features Switchbox implemented were member and supporter registrations, a live chat and messaging feature, event listings and registrations and the ability to suggest and favorite specific entries that might be of interest to Wellness Members.  Although COVA is not a medical provider, the site required HIPPA compliance in order to support a secure “file cabinet” feature that allows Wellness Members to upload and store files with access from any Internet supported device.  COVA’s goal is to work with community organizations such as the library to extend access to the RecoveryWorks website.

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