Custom Medical Product Configurator

Custom Online Product Configuration

One of our clients asked us to help them out with a custom product tool for their new website.  Their problem was that despite the large variety of e-commerce platforms that are available online (Magento, Shopify, etc.) none of those platforms could handle the extremely complex nature of their products.  The solution we built speaks for itself.  You can checkout their custom medical product web application and see the final results for yourself.

What Features Does the Custom Online Product Configurator Offer?

First of all it dynamically ties into their SKUs so their sales team knows exactly what the customer ordered.  It also offers dynamic image previews based on what the customer chooses.  It also integrates with their CRM system so that any online web order goes straight into their sales tool.  Lastly it has a custom print view.  Typically we would have built an application like this in Ruby on Rails or ASP.Net but our client had a specific need to build it in PHP.  Since the front end was built with standard HTML and Javascript that wasn’t a problem for our open source development team.  The whole project was done in about a month.

If you are interested in more custom online product configuration tools call our web application team or check out our other blog post “Custom Product Configurations and Javascript”