Cyber Security and Your Business

Why should everyone be taking a strong cybersecurity stance?

With the ever growing technology, people don’t see something physical they tend to forget that it needs to be secured. When you walk into a bank, you can physically see the security that is protecting your assets. With IT, people have a tendency to forget about their server that might be located in a different state, and they do not know who has access to that information, which leads to vulnerabilities for your businesses information to be stolen.

Small to mid-sized firms are the most common for cyber security attacks since they are more vulnerable with easier access to their information.

What Should Small to Mid-Size Businesses Do for their Website?

Figure out who runs your external website, and ask them what security measures have been taken to secure their website, and what they would recommend doing to beef it up. While this isn’t full proof, it always is helpful to hear about what more that you can do to help protect your business.

Online tools are a great way to find a free security online analysis that will give you more of an idea of something simple that you can do to secure your business. 

Call a cyber security firm, who will gladly talk with you about questions about your business, and take some time to offer suggestions, without necessarily charging you for those recommendations yet. Most good, reputable cyber security firms will highlight the top 2-3 issues that you should fix immediately. Beware of companies that will insist that you must fix everything on the list in order to remain secure.

What should you do to protect your business from Cyber Security threats?

You absolutely need to have a firewall that is being updated on a monthly basis, at all of your physical locations so that your printers, computers, etc. are being protected every day. 
If you process any type of credit card, you should absolutely be in talks with a cyber security firm to talk about locking down that data and becoming PCI Compliant (learn more about PCI compliance here).

By identifying where you can secure parts of you business contact Switchbox today to see how we can help. Contact us to chat about it!