Dangers of Building Company Websites on WordPress

Dangers of Using WordPress for your Corporate Website

Before we start let us say that Switchbox has built a ton of websites on top of the WordPress CMS system over the last few years.  We are not trying to claim that WordPress is bad at all but we always take time to advise our clients here in Columbus, OH.  WordPress can be a good platform is you hire a reputable developer to build your site and to install it on a secure web host but most people don’t.  That takes us to our first point.

Do not have a junior developer (or an untrusted developer) build a WordPress site for you

Most amateur developers build WordPress sites by installing a bunch of plugins.  The problem is that these plugins are built by other developers so by installing them you are letting an unknown developer into your websites.  The main way hackers break your site is through bad plugins.  Use an actual website developer who knows what they are doing.


Do not host your WordPress site on any web host

WordPress is almost an entire web ecosystem to itself.  We have a few very good and reputable hosts that specifically host WordPress sites and keep their hardware and operating systems up to date against WordPress hacks.  You should only host with one of these.


Do not modify the core of WordPress

We have taken over WordPress sites that have been hacked only to find that the problem was that the original actual website developer modified the WordPress core which prevented it from being updated.  FYI: “updated” means security patches applied.  If you hire a developer who wants to modify the core instead of writing software correctly find another developer.