Do Companies Have Bad Habits?

We all know that people have bad habits. Some people may bite their nails, swear, stress eat or drink too much coffee. We’ve all had our fair share of forming and continuing bad habits within our own lives. While we aren’t really sure why or how a bad habit is formed, it is clear that they usually go unnoticed for some time. To reverse the process and adapt to a new way of doings things, we must first make ourselves aware there is an issue and then create a solution to move forward.

As individuals we form bad habits, but have you ever stopped to wonder if your company also has bad habits? What we often see as we optimize a business process or help automate certain internal processes with software, is we are usually building software to help teams optimize bad habits. Within a company, a bad habit may look like filed paperwork that never gets referenced or creating reports managers never read or potentially understand. Paper based processes are some of the worst habits we see for a company. They consume time, aren’t usually filled out correctly and require a minimum of two people to process.  When we meet with a client we try to navigate these habits, asking: What is the purpose of this particular activity? We listen in order to help decipher a good habit from a bad habit, understanding the difference that one hurts a business while the other helps it. Creating unique solutions for client’s bad habits by turning them into efficient tools to run a company, is just one example of how Switchbox could help your business.

Want to know what your bad habits are? Call us today so we can help remove bad habits and improve good ones.