Information Overload: Too Much Data, Not Enough Organization

We recently had a client that encountered a problem that was typical for several organizations…lots of information spread out across several shared drives or networks with no easy access or even awareness of what was out there. Administration, storing and accessing information is a critical process for a company’s behind the scenes success and a one size fits all solution doesn’t always exist.  While there are many options available for document storage our client had a requirement for quick and easy access based on how their employees, spread out across several locations, thought and organized the information. The information needed more centralized administration with the most recent versions available and a directory was needed based on locality of people resources.

We started with a discovery process to define their business needs and content type. We broke down the organizational roles and their expectations of use scenarios. Those discussions provided the base of their new site applying existing available tools.  The new site offers greater administrative control for categorization based on actual use and utilized their current storage system’s version control to display the most up to date information.  Users across multiple locations can now log in to one stand-alone application to access a series of organized videos, standard operating procedures and other needed documents providing better onsite efficiency to their work standards.