Java Development In Columbus still Going Strong

2017 was a great year for Switchbox but it was also a year of seeing a lot of trends and changes in the development industry.  I’ve been asked “What language do most companies in Columbus use?” a lot so I thought I’d give a really basic overview.

Startup and Entrepreneurs tend to prefer open source technologies.  We have been requested to do a ton in Ruby on Rails (RoR) and a little in PHP.  ASP.Net seems to be relatively strong here as well.  I believe this is due to the fact that these technologies are cheaper to deploy and tend to attract a more entrepreneurial developer base to them as they are built for Agile and rapid development.

Government tends to be mostly ASP.Net.  At least from what we’ve seen.  We know departments like ODJFS use a lot of Java as well but we haven’t been seeing as many contracts and bids for Java projects.  Maybe those are being handled by extremely large development shops or maybe they are being handled internally.  Switchbox has seen most Columbus and Ohio based agencies ask for .Net.

Small Businesses have been almost exclusively ASP.Net and Ruby on Rails this year.  We’ve done a decent amount of PHP but almost all of that was keeping legacy systems running or WordPress development.  Ruby on Rails has certainly reduced in requests for new projects (we used to see a lot of “Ruby Only” requests) but it is still going strong in Ohio. Large corporations are using mostly Java and a decent amount of ASP.Net.  We have had zero requests for any open source technologies like Ruby on Rails or PHP this year.

Anyway, I hope that helps answer the question.  I’d love to know your thoughts on what you are seeing in Columbus or if you are in another city let me know if your city is using something different.