Marketing Emails That Just Missed the Mark

What was the point of that exactly?

You’ve received plenty of them, companies will send out mass marketing emails for new initiatives or sales that seemly do the opposite of what they intended to do. Whether it be off-putting graphics or verbiage, it just wasn’t as well thought out as they had planned.

Say you have a company, and you are planning on spending a lot of money on automated email marketing campaign. You get your developer teams to connect your emails to the customer database, and you’re excited that each customer will now receive automated emails each month telling them about how they are progressing in your rewards program. You think, wow this is brilliant and will definitely up our customer development and marketing program.

But…then you send out the emails like the one below that is basically telling your customers “You don’t have any rewards, and honestly why are you even still a customer, you haven’t used us in forever?”

User interface showing the quantity of points earned, how to earn more points, and the progress to the next award.

The simple solution was being proactive, and thinking “What should we do or say if a customer has ZERO rewards?” Now you’ve wasted a lot of money and time, and it makes the company look bad. The lesson here is that expensive software is not good unless you spend time to think about the implementation. Which is exactly why at Switchbox we have a Strategy and Discovery team to help clients understand their goals before we start building something that produces undesirable results.

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