Meet the Team: TJ

In this blog series, we’ll be featuring our staff here at Switchbox Inc. to give you a little more insight into what it’s like to work here, and all the interesting stuff that our team gets up to! Next up is TJ our Technical Product Owner.

Company Role: Technical Product Owner

What do you do at Switchbox?

Responsible for customer satisfaction and everything that falls within that category. I work with our clients to understand their needs and expectations, and work directly with the software development team to build the best product we can. This role is a blend of project management, account management, support, training, and even slight software development.

What is your favorite memory at Switchbox? 

My favorite memory is every single planning meeting that we have, the reason is the team is hilarious and you never know what you are going to hear, talk about, or uncover. So it is never a dull moment. 

What’s your favorite movie, TV show, or book?  

Movie: Tombstone

TV: Sports Night

Book: The Giving Tree

What do you like to do when you aren’t at work? 

When I am not working, I spend all of my time with my wife and three children because they are awesome. My kids are all really active in various sports, and activities so we’re always on the go doing something with one of them. 

At home we like to play board games and watch movies.

What is your favorite thing about working at Switchbox?

My favorite part of working here is enjoyable working across multiple industries and knowing that we have a direct impact on our customers’ businesses and their customers…and their families and dogs. 

SB is one of the first places that I’ve worked where the core values aren’t just something written on the wall. Starting with Joel, and every developer, and everyone else in the company we all have the same attitude towards the products and services that we do.