Communication Tools for Remote Working

Our software developers were able to use the tools and communications systems we already had in place with some minor adjustments.  The unique ability we have as software developers is our application projects are all technology based and can be developed from any location.  

The top communication tools we have found most useful are SLACK, GoToMeetings and Zoom.  These each have a unique benefit that work for different reasons. Initially SLACK was used as an inter-office communication tool among the employees.  It was a great way to get a quick response and/or share interesting content with each other. In order to adapt to our office huddles and company meetings, now off site, we upgraded our SLACK package to include video conferencing and screen sharing. This was quickly found favorable by our directors and managers to be able to share content quickly with teams in a call format vs just chat/texting.  The added benefit of the writing tool feature was quickly put to use as a pointer or to highlight content on a screen shot. We continue to prefer to use GoToMeetings as our method of remote meetings with clients. GoToMeeting has always worked well for those meetings that didn’t need to be in the office and face to face but an option to have multiple people dial in for a call. This platform also allowed us the option of screen sharing.  As we are having more video and call in meetings, we have recently added Zoom. Zoom is available on an Android or an iPhone as a ZOOM iCloud meeting application. We like the versatility of it for it can be used for calling, messaging and meetings. These three options of using SLACK, GoToMeetings and Zoom have really helped us to stay in communication with each other and clients. It has made the day to day interactions achievable even while not together in a shared onsite environment. 

In addition, to the tools mentioned above we have found Google Doc to be a great way to collaborate workspaces and share information.  The google suite is easy to use and easy to share work with others. It offers privacy of information too. Our teams have access to information all in one place.  The access of having google docs available 24/7 and also available anywhere with the internet makes this a viable option for our associates to work together.