Sitecore Web Application Developers in Columbus, OH

Sitecore CMS Development


A few years ago all we were asked to do was WordPress CMS development.  Then we started doing Sitefinity and DotNetNuke CMS systems.  Today it seems we are getting a lot of requests for Sitecore CMS web application development.  While I’m sure a new trend in web development, especially for CMS systems will happen in the next few years we are happy to ride the current trend.


Where do I find Sitecore Web Developers?

The answer to that is simple… right here at Switchbox.  Seriously, we have a Sitecore certified developer on staff as well as several other developers who are very proficient with Sitecore CMS as well.  Just give us a call or shoot us an email.


Who uses Sitecore CMS in Columbus, Ohio

We get asked this question fairly often and it seems that more and more companies are using it.  Sitecore is a pretty heavy, meaning enterprise grade, CMS system.  It requires a fairly high initial cost as well as annual cost for licensing and you need a pretty strong web development team to get it up and running but we are finding more and more Columbus based companies are using it.  In particular we are seeing membership organizations, local and state government agencies, and larger corporations (think Inc 50 and above).


Why should I use Sitecore instead of WordPress?

This question came up in a web development meeting in Dublin a few weeks ago.  So a brief summary is probably needed.  WordPress is a cheap easy to use CMS system.  There are lots of large companies using it as their core CMS system but it is not built for heavy use.  It also has a huge number of security issues as it has become a favorite target for hackers.  Sitecore is built for Enterprise clients and therefore is not cheap but generally speaking you get what you pay for.  If you need a good stable CMS system WordPress is fine.  If you need something to run your corporate web presence on and it needs an extremely solid framework.  Consider using Sitecore.