Skinny Ohio Launch: Modernization of User Interface, Responsive Design and Custom CMS

Switchbox is excited to announce the launch on Skinny Ohio.  We had a great time modernizing this site for the Auditor of State in collaboration with Conrad Phillips Vutech.  The new Skinny Ohio boasts a slick user interface, responsive design, and custom CMS built on Dot Net Nuke framework.   

Conrad Phillips Vutech did an outstanding job encapsulating three major components of lean government into one “skinny” site map.  These three segments, “Think It,” “See It,” and “Do It,” house a wealth of information towards the development and implementation of cost saving initiatives. Begin with “Think It” to research some common opportunities to save and cut costs. “See It” houses thousands of performance audits and success stories from governments, schools systems, and community organizations. “Do It” connects the user to the resources and tools available to begin their own initiative. As a direct result of these changes, the Auditor of State has begun to receive new submissions for performance audits as well as increased traffic to their website.