Switchbox : Past, Present, Future

We have outgrown our two conference rooms, five administrative offices, parking lot and our huge developer room. Even Ninja (our office dog)needs more leg room. It is safe to say we have outgrown our 5485 N High St office and it is time to move on to a bigger and even better office.

However before we can pack up our bags, computers and office dog, we must wait patiently for our new office as it undergoes construction. The new office will have at least twice as much space as our current office- twice as many administrative rooms, conference rooms, developer space and much needed parking spaces. Construction should take several weeks and we’ve decided to document the process week to week as we watch the new space transform into our new Switchbox office.

As we embark on this new and exciting transformation, it is easy to forget just how far we have come as a company. Switchbox first started six years ago out of Joel’s home. Starting a business can be challenging and at times hard but Joel wanted his company to be unlike any other software company. He wanted to build a business that was fun, inspiring and innovative. Joel’s vision was to work closely with clients and do something most companies don’t do; listen. He wanted to understand each client’s problem, instead of simply selling a product. With some hard work, late nights and many pots of coffee, Joel’s company slowly grew. Before he knew it, Switchbox Inc. was no longer a one-man-show and he moved into his first official Switchbox office, located in Dublin Ohio in January 2008.

Switchbox spent three important years at the Dublin office.  It was where our first employees were hired and larger projects were produced. It is also where we cultivated new client relationships while nurturing existing ones. The foundation of Switchbox emerged and from it, Switchbox developed culture, company values and teamwork.

In three short years, Switchbox once again outgrew itself. At this point, we had eleven employees and one office dog and on May 2nd 2011 Switchbox moved into 5485 N High. It is at this office (our current one) that Switchbox almost doubled in size, formed developer boxes and brought on additional Account Executives and Administrative staff. Today, we have 10 Developers, 2 Account Executives, 1 Office Manager, 1 Project Manager, 1 Director of Operations, 1 office dog and our President. Switchbox has come a long way in 6 years and we want to take a moment to celebrate the hard work, long hours and dedication it took to get where we are today. As we watch our new building transform into our new Switchbox chapter, we are reminded that we have come a long way as a company and are humbled by the fact that we still have a ways to go.

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