Blog/Insights and Internet of Things

Switchbox is kicking off another IoT initiative. In the past we’ve done a number of projects including tracking farm machinery, ensuring safety in manufacturing nuclear pharmaceuticals, helping campers reduce electricity usage and to keep their eyes on their campers, and even just a little work with drones over golf courses for keeping the course green.

This time we are proud to announce that we are starting work with which is quickly growing in the IoT space.  We have a dev team working on integration with their core API and using their starter kit for mobile monitoring and data reporting through the 5G network.  

If you have wanted to get into IoT, or just have a project you think might be a good candidate contact us today.  The hardware comes pre-certified by the FCC and works in and out of the USA over multiple international data networks so they have removed a lot of the original barriers to custom IoT hardware.