A Very Switchbox Gathering

Client Appreciation Night and Team Gathering

Something about the Switchbox team is that we love to work hard and meet our goals, but we also love to have fun doing so.

So, when the opportunity arises to combine those two, we jumped at the chance to take it! In September we had the chance to throw an event for our clients to show appreciation on how grateful we are that they continue to choose Switchbox to make their business better, and what better way than having some drinks, eating some tacos, and throwing some axes!

We chose one of our very own clients, Dueling Axes in New Albany, to host our clients and staff to have some drinks, throw some axes, and just have a good time! Some tacos and chips and queso from our other client Condado Tacos, and drool worthy cookies from Lion Cub’s Cookies! Our client appreciation event was such a success, and we are so lucky to have such awesome clients in the Columbus area, and spread all over the country!

Not only were we able to throw our client appreciation event, but we were able to gather our staff, remote and local, and have a mini staff appreciation event as well! While it might not be our big GGOB trip, we love to get to see our staff in person! Thank you to our amazing employees for making Switchbox what it is, and thank you to are awesome clients for allowing us to do cool things for our amazing employees.