Switchbox’s GGOB Universal Trip

How many companies do you know of that will put 70 people on one plane and fly them to Orlando to hang out together for the weekend? Oh, and have our CEO (ahem, Joel!?) accidentally direct us onto someone else’s bus to the grocery store and hotel? Well, we really like our staff and their families, so that is exactly what we did with our Great Game of Business trip last month! Our goal for last year was a full trip to Universal Studios Orlando for two days with three days of park tickets in February for our staff and their plus ones. Plus a lot of our staff brought their families along for the ride! And, as you can see from the photos, we definitely did not have a good time at all.

Getting the whole staff together is rare, but when we do, we make sure to make the best of it! Being able to relax, have fun for the weekend and hangout is one of the best things about our annual Great Game of Business trip. Plus who doesn’t love roller coasters, dinosaurs, and Harry Potter!?

Having fun with our staff is always a great time, but being able to reward them for all of their hard work is one of the best things about the Great Game of Business trips. Plus being able to see our staff with their friends and families and being able to make memories for the rest of the year is amazing. This is also just a fraction of our photos from all of our staff, be on the lookout for Part II so you can see more of our staff most definitely not having fun together.