The Launching of the Goodwill Website

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We have continued our efforts of helping out local non-profit and charity organizations by supporting Goodwill Columbus by helping them launch their new website.  It started out as a simple project and turned into a pretty monumental undertaking.  There are over 25 unique responsive templates built into their content management system.  We have to thank CPV (Conrad Phillips Vutech) for all their hard work preparing all the design and visuals for us.  Their leadership on the project and the design was fantastic and they really made our job a lot easier.  FYI: They’ve done a lot more work to help out Goodwill over the last few years then just this project and we appreciate that they gave us the opportunity this time.
Go ahead and play around with the site and see how customized all the pages are.  All the templates allow full control over the unique content with an extremely simple to use CMS system.  This prevents administrators from accidentally breaking the various pages by trying to edit them in a normal HTML editor.  It also gives them a lot more granular control over the content then a normal system would.  We also integrated a custom Google Maps interface to find their locations, the ability to donate online, and helped with some tweaks to their mobile app.
Overall it was a great site to develop but the best part was learning a ton more about what Goodwill actually does.  While we were building their site we found out that Goodwill is way more then the clothing stores and vehicle donations we are all familiar with.  You really need to go to the site and checkout their success stories to see what impact they really have.  Thanks again to Goodwill, CPV, and our PHP team for doing a great job on this website.