The Low Information Diet

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information that is given to you each day? Or how about struggling to meet with different members of your office to reach a specific goal or quota? Then we need to talk. About your diet. No, not what you eat (go ahead and have that donut, we won’t tell) but the low information diet. 

So what exactly is a low information diet? A low information diet gives you exactly what you need, when you need it. No shuffling, emailing or calling to get the good stuff. Switchbox has been able to assist many overwhelmed, tired, on-the-edge-of-burnt-out clients who have been in desperate need of an informational cutback.  We have offered advice for our clients and have even provided them with dashboards designed to cut out the informational fillers they don’t need. Starting any kind of diet is always a transition, but lucky for you the low information diet can be broken down in to three easy steps.   

Step 1: Identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • Choose the data that shows growth/positive trends within your business. Try and crunch this into as few numbers as possible. 
  • An example would be your expected revenue or the cycle/production time in manufacturing. 

Step 2: Identify The Process

  • Ask your staff to ONLY provide the data you need (Goodbye ripped off front pages).
  • The more direct you are in this process the more value you will get out of the data presented.

Step 3: Display Information in an easily accessible dashboard

  • Create a dashboard or use a platform such as Google Drive for displaying company totals. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere and by anyone that is authorized.  For an example of what your dashboard could look like see below.
  • Think back on how many meetings could have just been emails, and now think those emails are not even necessary anymore. A dashboard will allow employees from all different departments to simply input their data instead of generating lengthy reports when all you really need is the end result. 

Everyone knows the impact of a calorically dense diet, but do you really know the impact of an informationally dense diet? We challenge you to cut out the bombardment and shuffling of useless information and see how your business and mental clarity improve. 

Intranet Dashboard